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iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Playstations, Laptops, Computer, Navigation system, Networks and many more

No Fix, No Fee


​​We provide software and hardware services to any Make and modle of mobile phones technical problems. We have qualified staff for mobile phones software problems and as well as forcircuit board problems. We provides componenet level repairs like changing Power IC, Charging IC. PCMIC IC. We aslo can restore your contacts, files and photos from completely dead or water damaged phones


We can help you in upgrading, Updating and Replacing componenets to improve your laptops and PC performance. Removing virus affected Operating system and installing new error free and fresh OS. Backing up and recovery of your lost data. We can reapir your liquid spoiled baord and safeguard your importat work saved in your laptop and PC. We can also repair electronics issues on circuit board..


We provide both on site and off site services (local areas near to cardiff, Newport, bredgend, swansea)  for home and gaming pcs. We visit offices, buildings and houses if you are having porblems in your system either in networks , computers and any other IT related problems. We also can setup your local private network in home, offices and buildings. We can remotly login into your system to you assisst your problems.

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