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Terms and Conditions

  • Any purchased device will not returned or refund 

  • Refund can be issued only if the management want to do it within 14 days of the original purchased date, will be deducted  25%of the original price 

  • If the device is found faulty with in specified warranty, written on the receipt paper, the device will replaced or fixed only

  • If the management can  not fixed or replace the device within warranty time a full refund will be issued

  • Warranty does not applies to any devices which is physically or liquid damaged

  • During repairs , Management responsible only for those issues / faults which were specified by customer before repairs

  • Usually the Cost of repairs is agreed before the repair, As the customer specified the issues

  • Any other problem / fault found after diagnosing the device will charge extra , not the agreed cost

  • For Any extra cost of the repairs the customer will be notified and confirmed before any repair take place

  • All repairs come with a specified warranty , written on the receipt

  • it is the customer responsibility to keep their own copy of a receipt

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