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Computer repairing services


This service is available for the repair of personal laptops and PCs  running Windows, Mac OSx or GNU/Linux.

If the repair cannot be completed immediately, the device will be booked in to the workshop and arrangements made for you to collect it or be contacted as soon as the repair has been completed.

Services include:

  • Computer Hard drive problems and clonig embedded systems

  • Operating system booting problems

  • BIOS problems

  • Motherboard issues

  • Liquies damaged repairing

  • virus and malware removal

  • startup issues

  • crashes and stability problems

  • backups and simple file recovery

  • operating system upgrades and reinstallations

  • laptop hard drive replacements

  • simple hardware repairs


Replacement parts

If parts cannot be supplied, we will endeavour to provide advice about how they can be purchased. We have agreed distrubers and local suppliers who are providing us with all kind of parts.


When you visit

If you wish to make use of this service, please make sure you bring the following with you:

  • The device that needs repairing

  • The power lead for the device (if appropriate)

  • An international power adaptor if required for the power lead

  • A USB pen drive or external hard drive if you wish any data to be copied from the computer

  • A description of the problem (including any error messages)

  • Your preferred contact details

If you have any questions about this service, you can contact us from contact page


Dealing with malware

One of the common problems experienced by computer users is the presence of 'malware'. Malware is malicious software (including viruses) that can affect the way in which a computer operates and can be used to gather sensitive information or control the computer.

This may cause the computer to run slowly, computer programs to malfunction or unexpected popup messages (including adverts) to appear.

This can be avoided by making sure that a computer has security (including anti-virus) software installed and keeping it up to date. 

We will recommend you the further step ahead before any viruses or malware attacke on your operating system.

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